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Prints to Your Specifications

We offer prints using archival pigment inks and acid-free media any size or quantity up to 44" wide. Choose from a wide variety of media including canvas, satin fabric, matte, and glossy papers. Each paper, canvas and fabric is individually calibrated to provide color accuracy and consistency from computer screen to finished print. We have access to a very wide range of media and are regularly adding new materials.  If you require a paper, canvas, or any material that is not shown below, just let us know.

We also provide quantity discounts for print editions, multiple print orders and high volume customers.


Matte Fiber Paper - $14.50/sq ft

Smooth, medium weight fine-art paper with excellent color & detail.  Our most popular paper.

Repositionable Polyester Fabric - $19.50/sq ft

Adheres to and easily removed from any smooth painted surface. Translucent & may be back lighted.

Matte Canvas - $20.15/sq ft

Subdued matte canvas texture with excellent color and detail.  Easily stretched or gallery-wrapped.

Matte Photo Rag Paper - $21.75/sq ft

Smooth, heavy weight, brilliant white, fine-art paper. Best matte paper for vibrant color & detail

Polyester Satin Fabric - $25/sq ft

A fine-weave fabric, luminous color & excellent detail.



Luster Fiber Paper - $14.50/sq ft

High-gloss with ultra-wide dynamic range, rich blacks, excellent detail & vibrant color.

Chrome Luster Fiber Paper - $19.50/sq ft

Smooth, glossy surface with a pearl-metallic highlight

Satin Canvas - $24/ sq. ft.

Pronounced glossy canvas texture with excellent color and detail - Easily stretched or gallery-wrapped.


Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art

Exhibition quality prints are available

on a range of materials including satin

Please note that our print prices are based on standard available widths (44", 36", 24", 17") for the selected media with nearest width selected to minimize waste.  Call us for a quote.