Forcade Associates -  Photo retouching, restoration & composition

Restoration of Damaged Photos and Documents

We work from your damaged original photograph or document and restore the image to its original condition.   We begin by scanning or photographing the damaged picture and then retouch the digital copy image by  removing all dust, tearing, folds, stains, scratches, smoke and water damage.  We also correct and restore color and any color fading that may be present.  We then provide replacement prints to the exact size of the original.

For damaged documents, we also exactly match and restore missing type or related graphics along with tape marks, creases, torn edges and stains.

Image Sweetening & Photo Composition

We can work with existing images or photography and provide color correction, sharpening and related services including montage and composition for special effects.  We can also convincingly represet the "impossible" creating imagery and situations that never existed.

Services Include

High resolution scanning

Complete Digital photo lab services

Photo image restoration

Image retouching, enhancement & composition



Mouse-over to see the restored image

Before & After — Complete restoration of color and removal

of tearing, folds, scratches, smoke & water damage.